reptile parties Victoria!

Reptiles are common in the bush, but neccessarily the safe ones!

In rural Victoria, there is a justified fear of snakes and other reptiles. After all, the most common snakes seen are the dangerous ones like Blacks, Browns, Tigers and Copperheads. A lot of parents think the idea of a mobile reptile party or similar is the last thing the kids need at their next birthday party. However in the case of reptile parties with Ray Hoser and his crew, this may not be the case. You see he brings along the deadly ones to show the kids and give them the snake safety lesson, before getting out the non-venomous snakes from northern Australia for the hands on reptiles part of the event. Kids can't get enough of holding the animals at the reptile show and by holding snakes in this setting, they no longer need to rush out and grab a deadly snake if they see one in the bush or farm. In other words, a reptile party may be just what the parents ordered in terms of getting the kids all snake proofed!
Reptile parties in country Victoria are dearer than the cost in Melbourne. The harsh reality is that with the animals coming from Melbourne, the wildlife display may need to travel some distance to do a given kids party. In order to beat the added costs involved, some parents will hold several birthday parties at once, either for siblings, or alternatively several kids who know one another and all want a wildlife party. While the snake man Ray Hoser doesn't charge per child at his childrens parties, other displayers do, so you should be completely sure of what you'll be paying before you book your wildlife show. A Reptile party Victoria is a great way to showcase the wonderful snaks, crocodiles, lizards and frogs of Australia in a totally safe and controlled setting. The handler is an expert on the animals and besides the usual sugar filled rage of the party, you may end up getting your kids to learn interesting facts they either may never know, or only know from the inside of a book, as opposed to some genuine hands on learning. So while there's a factual basis to be scared of reptiles even if it is the simple fact some of the kill humans, most are acually innocuous and tame and rarely hurt anyone, including small children.

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...Good luck with your next kids reptile party in Melbourne or bush Victoria!