Melbourne reptile parties!

Relax, the kids will not die from snake bitey!

There is a factual basis to be scared of reptiles. Yes they can kill people! But while some crocodiles eat people and some snakes are so deadly that their bite can kill, most reptiles are actually very shy timid and safe for people to handle. At a reptile party, it is the non-lethal reptiles and other animals that the kids will be handling, if you happen to book an outfit that allows this. If kids do get injured at the party, it is more likey to be from the usual sort of thing such as tripping on a floor, injured in a fight, running into something and so on. In Melbourne the snake man Ray Hoser is the man who invented reptile parties, which is why he took ownership of the registered trademark. His parties differ from other travelling reptile and wildlife shows in Victoria in that he allows the kids the right to handle the animals. In Melbourne at least, everyone else in the wildlife business is violently opposed to Hoser's hands-on reptile shows. Meanwhile more people outside of the wildlife business itself actually prefer hands-on reptile shows to the more common hands-off variety practiced by nearly 40 other wildlife displayers in Victoria alone. Corporate displays and events also benefit from the educational reptile parties concept.
If in Melbourne and wanting to know more about reptile parties take a look at what's on offer and you may well find the idea a useful option for your parties planning.

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...Good luck with your next kids reptile party in Melbourne!