Ways to make a good kids party day in Melbourne better!

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Avoiding pitfalls at your next kids birthday party?

Don't expect the kids to be well behaved! OK some are, but many are not. The best way to keep the children in line at your Melbourne party is to take control and don't give them a chance to even think about misbehaving. As a strategic decision, you should get the entertainer in at the same time as the kids. That way the entertainment will begin even before the kids can think about going feral. If the entertainer is good, then he or she will not finish until after the food is ready to be served. Experience shows that the quietest time at the party is when the kids stop to stuff their faces with party food. Plan everything well, and you'll see the kids going home as they are eating the birthday cake. Ten minutes later when the big sugar hit comes along, the kids will be bouncing off the inside walls of their parents car as they are driving home! All that people will remember a year later will be the brilliant and trouble free party at your place. So yes, don't leave the party to chance. Try to plan the key ingredients. In terms of entertainers and entertainment, if you are wise you will go for the best you and and someone with a proven track record in the childrens entertainment business. Always go for someone you know who can hold the interest of the kids for longer than neccessary if there is a hiccup and also make sure they arrive at the right time to catch the kids before they get bored or feral!

Reptile Parties.

Reptile party shows are a concept invented in the modern era in the late 1970's. The concept was initially a fun way to show friends snakes, lizards and crocodiles at a party and as part of the entire event. At first it'd be when the snake man showed others his pet reptiles as a result of requests by friends to do so. Fast foreward a few short years and after the laws were changed, it became legal to cart wildlife around for educational shows. As the kids party entertainer market grew and became more competitive, reptile parties were sold to people as a way to both educate people and earn money at the same time. The concept was an instant hit and within a few short years people were selling travelling reptile shows for kids parties, not just in Melbourne and Australia, but also around the world! While there are concepts ranging from mobile zoos, or reptiles in large cages and interactive show and tell type performances, the most popular show of all are the hands on shows that let kids hold the animals. In Australia there is only one company that regularly does hands on reptile shows for kids reptile parties and that's the ones by the company owned by the snake man in Melbourne.
The reptiles are effectively domestic pets and are less likely to bite than other domesticated species such as dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. There is of course the other ever present hazard that faces people with all wildlife and animal shows a nd that is when the animal decides to give you a spray of urine or poo. The good news is that most kids will think that's the best part of the reptile party if it happens. As a word of warning the reptile handler may well know how to induce his animals to defecate and may get them to do so over a feral kid's head if he or she misbehaves too much!

Snake catcher.

Now as snakes at parties in Melbourne, Victoria and anywhere else in Australia are domestic pets, you don't need a professional reptile handler to come to your rescue to pick one up off the floor. On the other hand, most Australian snakes are venomous and best not handled. When you need a snake removed by a snake removals company or snake catcher, it is best to call in a professional snake controller. Deadly and dangerous snake capture is a hazardous business and therefore snake relocation and reptile removal should be left to the best of the experts. In Melbourne, the Snake Man is the leading leading snake removal snake handler snake catcher having more than 40 years experience with the world's deadliest snakes.

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