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Taught by Raymond Hoser

To be a snake catcher and licenced to do so, the laws were changed in Australia to require people to do acredited courses. The theory was so that people would be properly trained before taking risks handling dangerously venomous snakes. The theory doesn't actually work, because of corruption within the wildlife licencing system in Australia. In Victoria in particular, the local wildlife department, DSE is endemically corrupt and knowingly issues teaching permits to novices with no experience with snakes. This leads to a situation of novices teaching novices using methods that are invariably unsafe for both the handler and the snake. To try to gain business, these novices erect websites making false claims of expertise they don't have and then they continue the charade as they do the training courses for the unsuspecting victims. As a result the incidence of venomous snake bites and death from snake bites has gone up in recent years in most parts of Australia. However there is some good news in all this. That is that the snake man Raymond Hoser does Australia's best snake handling courses at the best price in all parts of Australia, including in Melbourne, Victoria, Gold coast and Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney and outback NSW, Perth, Western Australia, Adelaide and outback South Australia, the ACT and so on. In fact he's even travelled to other countries to teach people how to handle snakes. This is because Ray Hoser is globally recognized as the world's leading snake expert. The snakeman's expertise goes way beyond just Death Adders, which are the snakes he was obsessed with as a child. In fact he's published definitive papers on pretty much everything snake, including boas, pythons, tree snakes, water snakes, kukri snakes, slug eating snakes, cobras, rattlesnakes, other pitvipers, true vipers and even most kinds of blind snakes. Hoser is easily the most widely cited and quoted herpetologist in the world with his name appearing in books on snakes and reptiles from all over the world, including places as diverse as the United States, Europe and of course Australia and New Guinea, meaning that a snake handling course with the Snakeman will be full of accurate and authoratitive information about snakes and taught by the master himself. Raymond Hoser's reputation as the snakeman has led to him being invited to address reptile conferences and symposia all over the world and his lectures draw the biggest crowds and yes, this same expertise is seen at all his acredited snake handling courses. In his home town of Melbourne, his company does courses about every 8 weeks and the snake man travels elsewhere as required for groups of ten or more who need training.

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