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Melbourne has a generally mild climate, with a few too many hot days in summer where the temperature is in the high 30's degrees C and then it's generally overcast and cold in winter months with an average temperature of about 13 C, but feeling colder due to the generally cloudy skies. And with weather being quite changeable, even on a given day, there is some sense in planning a weather proof party. That is one that does not depend on the weather to be a success. As a rule this means an indoor party is usually a safe and perhaps best choice. This can be either at home or at a venue, but at least somewhere where you don't need sunshine and mild conditions to be a success. Where you have your party and who your guests are also is a relevant consideration as often the traffic in Melbourne is shocking. While traffic jams and hold ups are usually associated with weekday peaks, the fact is that weekends often have similar hold ups. A key reason is that roadworks and maintenance is usually on weekends and often major arterials are blocked at the same times that people are coming and going from parties. Sometimes one key road being blocked can throw the entire city into chaos. If you have a party in a place likely to be at risk of being isolated by a traffic hold up, advise your guests well in advance of the party date. Of course you can always plan to have a party whereby all the guests are locals, thereby avoiding that risk. If you have a paid entertainer, it also pays to make sure they are wise to potential traffic hiccups that may delay their arrival. Professional entertainers with a lot of experience with kids parties and events will as a matter of course be aware of potential traffic delays and plan their arrival accordingly. Most plan to arrive early and if they do, they either wait around for guests to arrive or alternatively may even start early.
A popular childrens party option in Melbourne is the kids reptile party where reptiles are the main attraction. It is a common comment that often the snake handler is neither early or late but always arrives at the exact right time. There is a reason for this and it relates to the reptiles themselves. The Bluetongue lizards that are one of the main attractions just love snails and so if the entertainer is running early for a venue, rather than rocking up before the kids and sitting around doing nothing, they simply scour nearby streets for snails to feed the lizards later. In summer, the same may apply for insects as the reptile handler chases crickets and other items to feed the frogs. Yes, with a reptile party in Melbourne you don't just pay for the animals at the time, but also for the feeding, cleaning and general maintenance on the off-days and with the handlers gathering food at "down-time" or waiting time, the costs of the kids reptile party event entertainment are in effect kept to an affordable amount. Animals for entertainment do make an excellent weather proof option for a party in Melbourne for kids birthdays, childrens entertainment and other events.

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